Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad to the bone

I think there is a little rebel demon that hides inside me and periodically needs to come out and play. I'm a mini adrenaline junkie. That being said, I'm probably the lamest version of an adrenaline junkie there is. I'm typically pretty risk adverse, and have some firm religious beliefs...sooo... I have to get creative and do pseudo-rebellious things to get it out of my system. I think this is what the rebel-creature inside me looks like:
Sometimes I feel just like that, like drumming my fingers together and laughing mischievously because I'm about to do/already doing something "scandalous". Here is a list of a few of the things that give me a thrill that, in all likelihood, don't have quite the same effect on you.

  • Drinking bottled root beer (10 bonus points if I do it while I'm driving- ohhh snap)
  • Giving myself a stick-on tattoo
  • Stealing food off someone's plate without them noticing
  • Playing poker, but not playing for anything but the chips (I'll take you in hold 'em any day, bring it)
  • Randomly round-house kicking inanimate objects (they almost never see it coming)
  • Touching displays that say "Do Not Touch"
  • Stealing money from the Monopoly bank
  • Staying up really late for no reason
  • Going to 24 hour restaurants anywhere between 12-4 am
  • Standing in the rain
  • Sticking things on people's backs without them noticing
  • Eating things I shouldn't, when I shouldn't (late night burrito runs)
  • Getting hot chocolate at 7-11 because it looks like a coffee cup
  • Driving 2 mph over the speed limit when there is a cop right next to me
  • Skydiving (Yeah that's RIGHT, I do actual exciting stuff too sometimes, now back to the boring stuff)
  • Secretly "racing" all of the cars that I'm driving next to
  • Climbing trees in Provo (it's against the law you know *this is not an admission of guilt)
  • Sending text messages to people that say "made you look" (this seriously cracks me up, even if they don't respond)
As you can see here, the things that spice up my life are prettttty thrilling. My youngest brother would probably call me weaksauce, but hey, it's the little things in life right? And if my little things happen to be things that would put your 80 year old grandmother to sleep, then I'm okay with that. Well, not totally okay, that makes me feel pretty lame, because it's probably true. Don't you wish you lived as exciting of a life as me? I can feel the jealousy seething through your veins.

You should contribute some suggestions to my "weaksauce" list, or volunteer to join me on my next 2 am Denny's run. Go on, do it, you know you want to.

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  1. I think I'll pass on the 2 am Dennys bit, but I get you on the "scandalous" things that aren't really scandalous. My thing is ink drawings on my wrists and fingers that look like tattoos.