Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Pig Woman

I used to work with this guy who had an interesting theory about how to scare people. Think of a time you tried to scare someone. Maybe you hid behind a door or in a closet and jumped out yelling something like "RAWR!!!" or "AHHH!!!". These are what I would call the "go-to scaring noises".

This particular coworker was convinced that when you really want to scare someone, you should snort instead. You know, like a really loud hungry pig. According to him, not only do you jump out and startle someone, but you throw them off with such an unexpected noise. He had demonstrated this on me a couple of times, hiding around corners and whatnot. He startled me several times, so I was willing to look for some merit in his theory.

One day we were loitering in the hallway at work that is near the bathrooms and we saw our supervisor walk by to go into the bathroom. We had the brilliant idea that we were going to wait around the corner scare the snot outta him, by snorting of course. It was going to be SO funny. We took our places around the corner to wait.

I was simply giddy with excitement, we were gonna get him so good! Unfortunately, while we were waiting, someone else walked into the bathroom and started talking to our supervisor.

So we waited...

And waited some more...

And then kept waiting...

We probably should have given up, but the anticipation was so high that there was no way we could turn back now! Finally the second guy in the bathroom let our supervisor leave. He came out and walked around the corner and got a terrifying attack of THIS:
We charged out snorting as loudly as we could, so sure we were going to scare the pants off him. 


His reaction was not quite as funny as we may have hoped for:
This guy literally didn't even flinch. He simply looked at us like we were totally nuts. And let's be honest here, we did just come running at him snorting like pigs. I can see how that could make us appear to be a little odd.

Now, as badly as I would like to say that the snorting method just doesn't work, I think real problem was that this was not a perfect storm for scaring someone. When you are coming from talking to someone two seconds before, other noisy stimuli isn't nearly as startling. Even if it's snorting like a pig.
Note to self: Just because you have been waiting to scare someone for 20 minutes, doesn't mean that it will be worth the wait. You might just end up looking like a crazy pig woman.

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  1. I love how freakish you and Alex look and how 'huh?' your boss looks.... awesome.