Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Email Karma

I find an absurd level of enjoyment in pointing out email typos to my coworkers. I'm sure that they have a level of annoyance equal to that of my enjoyment. I am also a bit of a grammar nazi in general, but one that is always swiftly humbled by grammar nazi karma. Yesterday was no exception.

There is typically a point in every work day when I become an email cranking machine.

Often times this is my most useful and productive time of the day. It's like someone told me if I finish all of my emails by __ o'clock then I get to play with puppies all afternoon. Did you say play with puppies?? *Furious emailing commences. 
I love puppies.

I think my boss goes at this email speed all day, as I'm pretty sure he has to respond to 4,661,941 more emails than me every day.

Some of you non-furious email typers may not be aware that with this kind of emailing, accuracy rates can go way down. He usually sends us sales reps an email with a typo once or twice a week, and I love calling him out on it- every time. In fact, just yesterday I got to tease him for typing YFI instead of FYI. Maybe this is unwise of me... he is my boss after all.

As it turns out, the universe thinks that I need to be humbled.

In the midst of my email frenzy yesterday, I sent out several emails and then received a reply from my boss on one of them. It looked like this:


You can't be the grammar police least not for a little while.  
My immediate reaction here was:
I looked at the email that he replied to, and I had sent it to more people that just him. It was also sent to a partner. And a potential client. My reaction was a little more like this now:
I scrolled down to re-read the email that I had just sent, crossing my fingers for a subtle error. This is what I read:

Hi Jon,

Josh I evaluating our software solution and will be needed a time and attendance system that will integrate with Quickbooks. Could you have someone reach out to him and with some information on your system?
Geez louise! Was I on some kind of medication yesterday? I must have reworded this message a couple of times and neglected to proofread, at all, before sending. I now felt more like this:
Hi my name is Shelly and I have not yet mastered the English language. I guess I just have to hope that they read that email about as closely as I did.

I shared this story with a couple of other coworkers, and I think they teared up from laughing so hard. One even doubled over and had to balance himself against the wall. Ah well, at least I can laugh at myself right? I'm certainly good at giving myself opportunities to.


  1. "and I had sent it to more people that just him"...Haha! Looks like it's been a rough past couple of days for you in the grammar world. Great story though!

  2. Haha! That awkward moment when everyone important now knows you're an idiot...