Thursday, October 20, 2011

Discovered: Man Cafe

I mulled over writing this post for a while, because I may be giving away a vital trade secret, but I love my readers so I'm willing to take that chance. I've also been neglecting you for far too long, and maybe this is my way of attempting redemption.

Anywho, back to the announcement:

I have discovered a Man Cafe in Provo.

I'm also willing to bet that it's not the only one.

So here's the scoop. I have a coworker from Philadelphia. At some point cheesesteaks came up in conversation and I said that I had never liked one much. He told me that I NEED to try DP Cheesesteaks. Finally one day we got lunch there. I ordered a cheesesteak.

Holy smokes that was a good sandwich! Warm and juicy and greasy and cheesy. All the things I didn't know I needed in a sandwich.

Now, that was the first time I went. As you can see, I was pretty thoroughly distracted by the mass of mind-blowingly good sandwich in my mouth.

I have since returned (many times). On these return occasions I have realized something else wonderful about this place- it is filled with nothing but men! I went with a girlfriend recently, and there were literally only two other girls the whole time we were there, and they were with a guy. There was also line out the door, of men.

I am all about numbers games. The more guys you meet, the more likely that you meet one that you like and who likes you back. The better the ratio of men to women, the higher my odds become of grabbing the attention of one of them.

Sometimes as a girl in Provo, life feels a little bit like this:
I've always lived in areas where the girl to guy ratio is at least two to one. Maybe I'm just an ineffective housing selector, but I feel like the majority of Provo is like that. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. I mean, you try living with stats like these:
But I don't have to anymore! Muahahaaa... Now I have a man cafe where I can eat delicious food and simultaneously enjoy competition-free male attention. Oh, life is so sweet.

P.S. As we were leaving we noticed that sub zero had about the same ratio as DP Cheesesteaks, but reversed. Men, you should check that out sometime.

P.P.S. I was in no way financially compensated by DP Cheesesteaks for this post, although if anyone that works there happens upon this post, I will gladly accept freebies and coupons. Free cheesesteaks for life perhaps, I'm flexible.


  1. Oh Shelly, I am so proud of your giving nature and that you take notice of these things.

    So funny.

  2. I like your stick figure representation of life in provo as a girl LOL

    And I'm addicted to your blog! STOP NOT WRITING OFTEN! LoL

    This is Jenni btw. I don't know what happens when I leave a comment and I don't tell you. How do you know it's me? It's JENNI!!! From the AZN KREW. LoL That was embarrassing....